An Open Letter To: Taylor Swift

Let’s talk about it. Listed among Time’s most influential people, the world has become transfixed by this powerhouse. I recently watched her Reputation tour on Netflix and am more in awe of her talents than ever. 


Now, I can’t remember the first time I heard her music, nor have I been to every concert. What is more important, though, is how her music creates a connection, the things we learn from the people we admire, and how we use those same people as inspiration for living our best lives.

The lyrics that she so carefully crafts dance around my heart and have woven their way into my soul.

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Don’t Be A Hater

We live in the age of the independent contractor: everybody wants to work for themselves, doing something they love. The most fantastic part about this is that we are seeing unprecedented career diversification. We have never inhabited a time in which people make millions of dollars off a social media platform or from blogging. What this means for every waking human is that we have the opportunity to create success how we see fit on an individualized level. 

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The Countdown Is Real

I don’t know about you, but I have always heard that life is short and I have to make the most of it. Logically, it all made sense: of course I have a finite number of days to live the life of my dreams. Today something changed, and I know what precipitated it. A quote. A sentence among many, strung together like words in a song. So innocuous, yet so profound. 

“This is your life and it’s ending one second at a time.”

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Unconditional Vulnerability

Vulnerability is hard. It sucks. Having to share parts of myself that I have so carefully locked away into the deepest recesses of my heart. You see, I did this because I thought that by locking it away, nobody would ever know, no person would ever see it. Until…they do. That one person – the person I want to think that I am perfect, without fault. That will love me unconditionally. The key, though, is that to be loved unconditionally I have to show parts of myself that I deem “unlovable.” I have to be vulnerable – fuck.

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Get Your Sh*t Together

This is a love letter of sorts. To all of the people who had to figure it out on their own, who didn’t have anybody pushing them to work harder, who had to be their own support system. Let me be that person for you. Let me be the one to tell you it’s time. It’s time to take responsibility, to make positive and productive changes, to get your shit together.

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Insecurity Is A Fickle Bitch

Shadow self. Dormant personality. Uncertainty. There is an endless barrage of naming conventions society uses in an attempt to quantify insecurities. Not only are they parts of ourselves that inherently connote shame, but it can sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming to overcome.

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Don’t Use The Law Of Attraction As An Excuse For Laziness

By the tender age of 26 I had accumulated a small mountain of debt. Credit cards were my gateway drug and student loans were the monsters under the bed.

Every book, podcast and fucking webinar I read, heard and watched told me basically the same thing: keep your mind positive and positive things will flow to you. While that is all well and good there is something they don’t tell you that is fundamentally key: pragmatism. I can envision myself debt-free, live as if I have no debt and repeat all of the financially free mantras until my lungs are screaming for air. What all of these things have in common, however, is that whilst doing them I WAS STILL IN DEBT.

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