We are taught our entire lives to be fearful, to be wary, to be cautious. What we know little and less of is to be bold, to be courageous, to be fearless.

I had not realized before this night how deeply rooted fear is within me. Yes, at times it may serve its purpose, but for the most part, all it does is to hold us back. Think for a second, what areas of your life are you not doing more because of fear.

It comes in many more forms than I previously realized: not applying to certain schools for fear of change, not getting a new job for fear of not being successful, not giving my all in school for fear of failing. Fear, the one continuity in my life. I didn’t realize I feared losing control until I was forced to imagine myself in situations totally unfamiliar to me. Strange though when put in context: I will travel the world alone, as long as I know I will meet up with a familiar face eventually, I will apply to graduate school, but only in the state I currently reside. Carefully analyzing the motives behind my actions and I have come to realize it all stems from my being scared of the unknown; how do I battle unforeseen circumstances? The truth, my beautiful friends, is that you don’t. The even scarier truth is that where you are comfortable is also unknown, life as we know it, can change in the blink of an eye. To shed these limiting beliefs will take time and concentration, to dig it up by the root and throw it out, so to speak. Once though, you have identified it, brought it to the forefront, and then dismantled it for the farce it is, that is when true freedom occurs. I am a mighty and powerful being. I am courageous and fearless. I am bold and confident. Fear has no hold on our lives, but for the power we give it. The trouble with a subconscious belief is that we are not aware that we even believe it. Making decisions will be a chore but also burden free. I can do anything I want because the unknown is inevitable. I might as well go after the things that my heart desires lest I rot away in regret. Why not go after the things that truly matter to us regardless of how full of fear we may be? Who knows, that very thing may be the catalyst to a drastically different life. I have finally understood that it is not a failure unless you stop trying, only then was it for naught, if you learned nothing. There is always a silver lining and perhaps that of fear is to spur us on to our most triumphant achievements. Be bold. “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


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