Break your own heart:

– relive the past through the rosiest glasses (preferably red)

-replay only the highlight reel (like Instagram, but for memories)

-reread every last bit of correspondence (including emails, voicemails and subtext of course)

Heal your own heart:

-ugly cry (it cleanses the soul)

-moisturize/face mask/etc (It may not help in the long term, but will make you feel beautiful until you get there)

-create something (write a poem, sing a song or try a new hairstyle; whatever makes your spirit sing)

I have done both in less than 24 hours. It is really quite beautiful how much we can heal and how quickly when we put ourselves at the forefront of our minds. Being obsessively selfish with my own well-being is the best gift I can give myself. This is my vow to myself: to love myself so much that other people know how it’s done, to accept nothing less than absolute wonder, to be so full of myself and what I want out of life that I have no time for comparison.


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