Thinking critically about our life, decisions, behaviors, and relationships is an important part in the process of growth.  “True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.” I came across this quote on Instagram, as life would have it, and it struck a chord in me. If we are not mindful observers of our own lives how will anything ever be different? Taking responsibility for our actions is true power.

There are many ways this self-reflection can be utilized:

-Discover what makes you happy

-Realize that what is peddled as “normal” is not the only path

-Be mindful of what you do and say

-Have faith in yourself and your choices

-Constantly analyze relationships and situations to ensure they are for your highest good

We live in such a society where conformity is key and any defect to that conformity is abnormal. Thankfully, we also live in a time where there are more possibilities than ever before for human growth. We see it everyday, people traveling the world for a living, creating art of any kind, and genuinely living to their potential. This type of life is not for a select group of people, but for all of mankind.

It is a hell of a time deciphering between what you ACTUALLY want and what society tells you that you should expect from life. Even beginning this process of disentanglement will set you on a course that is life altering. It is not an act of terrorism to question the system, which governs our country. By living life on your own terms and doing what makes you at your very core feel joy, happiness, total fulfillment, peacefulness, and love; that is truly living.


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