The time is NOW.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Not only for the one who forgives, but for the people whom we share the forgiveness. At the end of every minute we are all coexisting on this planet; we make mistakes and sometimes hurt others. When we forgive we heal and so do they, in some small way. Everything on the other side of forgiveness is love. Everything on the other side of forgiveness is peace.

Now is the time to forgive every person who has ever hurt you, who you feel has ever wronged you. Forgive them and let them go. Forgive them and let them fly. “Being the bigger person” is a strange sentiment for me. We do not forgive so we will be better than, we forgive so we will be stronger. Not than anybody else, but than our past self. Forgive and heal. Heal and let the light shine through.

Forgive even if they aren’t sorry. Forgive even if they are. Forgive for you. Bring more light onto this planet through the beautiful blessings of forgiveness.

The time is NOW. Let go and heal. Let go and love. Let go and fly. Now is always the time and where you are is always the place. Stop what you are doing and release. Release it all: everything and every one. Release what weighs you down. Release what hurts. See how much lighter you feel as a result. It serves no purpose to our current selves to drag around the chains and weight of the past. Leave it all behind. Step forward into the next moment with a light heart and lighter conscience.

Forgive even if you think what they did is unforgivable. Give yourself space and time to heal, but forgive them. Forgive, not because I am saying what they did is right, or justified, or absolves them of guilt, but because YOU deserve better. Write a letter or draw a picture. Pour all of your energy into the act. Then mail it, or don’t, burn it, toss it, or keep it. But get. it. out.

Don’t be the victim any longer. Don’t keep telling the same story. Tell a new story. A new story that begins with how you forgave. How you showed compassion where most would not. Show love even where you think there should be none. Love love love. Share the love. Feel the love. Manifest from love. Be the love you have always searched for.


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