Don’t Be A Hater

We live in the age of the independent contractor: everybody wants to work for themselves, doing something they love. The most fantastic part about this is that we are seeing unprecedented career diversification. We have never inhabited a time in which people make millions of dollars off a social media platform or from blogging. What this means for every waking human is that we have the opportunity to create success how we see fit on an individualized level. 

The possibilities truly are infinite. If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hands or live the life. Create something you wish there was, write something you miss, cultivate a space you want to attend, but have found is lacking in your area. If you do something you love and that you need – other people will gravitate towards it. The mere notion that you want something means that at least one other person out there wants that same thing. Do it. The people will show up.

People love what other people are passionate about. Follow your passion, or more accurately, what lights your soul up, what makes you so happy you could do it all day every day. THAT. That is exactly how we should spend our time. That is the definition of true success. 

Keep in mind though, once you start flourishing in new ways, there will be haters: people who will tell you that you can’t, you’re silly, or you’re wrong. Fuck them. Fuck that. If you are living in your truth: you’re right. You will succeed, maybe not in the way you initially thought, but eventually, you will. Trust. Trust yourself, trust the universe, trust the process. 

Put yourself out there. Be vulnerable. Stay open. Live in love. Commit and decide. You are worth it. You can do this. 


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