I love feeling

IMG_6388I love feeling exuberant, passionate, creative, loved, free.

Over the last few days I have really come to understand the power of how we feel. I have known for a while that thoughts and words contain unlimited power, but could only slightly grasp how powerful it was to feel things. Our mood sets the tone for how we behave, how we speak and what we think. That is not to say though, that we shouldn’t be constantly monitoring our thoughts and words to ensure they align with who we say we want to be.

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Thinking critically about our life, decisions, behaviors, and relationships is an important part in the process of growth.  “True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.” I came across this quote on Instagram, as life would have it, and it struck a chord in me. If we are not mindful observers of our own lives how will anything ever be different? Taking responsibility for our actions is true power.

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We are taught our entire lives to be fearful, to be wary, to be cautious. What we know little and less of is to be bold, to be courageous, to be fearless.

I had not realized before this night how deeply rooted fear is within me. Yes, at times it may serve its purpose, but for the most part, all it does is to hold us back. Think for a second, what areas of your life are you not doing more because of fear.

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